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Rebelles Wrap: VéloTechno (BikeTech) program @ Louis-Riel HS: Join the Adventure!

By Louis-Riel Rebelles

Live a unique school experience in the VéloTechno (BikeTech) program, which blends the outdoors, technology and entrepreneurship.

Program Description

Students are on the move with the VéloTechno (BikeTech) program. This entrepreneurial program features hands-on learning to build skills needed in the 21st century. It also allows students to develop technological and manual work skills, while using bicycles and outdoor physical activity as their backdrop.

Program Features

• Comprehensive school program satisfying ministry guidelines
• Scholastic program developed on basis of latest education research
• Teaching team focused on multidisciplinary instruction
• Varied teaching approach linking in-class learning with nature

Program Objectives

• Promote students’ physical and intellectual development
• Solicit student engagement by offering learning options based on their interests
• Develop independence and self-motivation in various contexts
• Explore a cornucopia of technological tools, serving both as opportunity to learn and produce
• Encourage student entrepreneurship in multiple settings (scholastic, community, etc.)

Admission Criteria

• Have an interest in:
– cycling and outdoor sports
– new technology
– healthy and active lifestyle
• Be an independent and engaged student who demonstrates good work habits
• Complete registration

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