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Rideau Sports Centre opens Ottawa’s largest Outdoor Yoga Studio & Fitness Centre!

By Rideau Sports Centre

Health, wellness and sport have been thriving downtown at the Rideau Sports Centre (RSC). While 2020 was packed with challenges, RSC continues to pivot and provide services, either in person or virtually, for the entire year. This Summer 2021, RSC is excited to open Ottawa’s largest Outdoor Yoga Studio & Fitness Centre on their 4-acre property.

“We have approached each lock down with a ‘dare-to-dream’ challenge. We view the closures as an opportunity to make further investments in the property and take great leaps in our offerings,” states Nicki Bridgland, CEO and Founder of the Rideau Sports Centre. “Each time we reopen, our clients return excited to see what we have improved!”

The new Outdoor Yoga Studio & Fitness Centre will open to the public at the start of “Step One,” which is scheduled for June 14th. The Outdoor Studio and Gym will offer Personal Training, Open Gym Sessions, and at least 18 weekly Outdoor Fitness classes and 20 weekly Outdoor Yoga classes.

RSC is leading the shift that is occurring within the fitness industry. Functional strength and functional training are becoming the norm when talking about health, strength and athleticism.

The RSC Fitness & Wellness department is led by the only Movnat Trainer in Ottawa, Bernardo Barajas-Garrido, who is reshaping the concept of the machine-oriented gym, to a functional, fun and efficient gym where true fitness is achieved.

The integration of yoga into a fitness regime has a huge impact on overall health, which is why RSC is encouraging a yoga practice along side a sport and fitness program.

“True fitness isn’t solely about how much weight can be lifted, rather how your body can function without chronic pain and immobility,” notes Bernardo Barajas-Garrido. “Our Fitness and Yoga classes are designed for all levels of fitness and for those rehabilitating from injury, to those new to the journey and elite athletes, all with the goal of living a more physically and mentally functional life.”

Pre-COVID, the thriving RSC Yoga Studio offered 56 classes per week prior to the lockdowns in their two indoor yoga studios, with one dedicated to Hot Yoga classes. Throughout COVID they transitioned online and outdoors to keep the dedicated yoga community together in the last year.

RSC’s Yoga Studio instructors are highly trained and amongst the best in Ottawa offering a variety of classes for all levels and ages: Rise to Glow, Power Yoga, Gentle Hatha, Hatha Flow, Zen 55+, Ashtanga Yoga and 26&2 classes will be offered Outdoors in the covered Zen Tent starting June 14th. Classes will also be streamed live for those who want to continue practicing at home.

The Outdoor Yoga Studio & Fitness Centre are open to the public (as is all of RSC), and currently Yoga & Fitness Classes, Drop-In Gym and Personal Training appointments can be made online by anyone.

For more information, visit www.rideausportscentre.com or call 613-749-6126

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