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Inclusion in Sport Series: Topic #1 – Race

This edition of the Ottawa Sportspage brings you Part 1 of our Inclusion in Sport Series, which will continue in upcoming newspapers.

The first topic we’re tackling is race, and its impact on participation in sport.

We are certainly big believers that sport forms an integral part of our community and our culture as a whole. Sport has the power to bridge divides, unite, and heal.

But sport is absolutely not immune to the racial injustice seen within society, and faces its own unique factors when it comes to inclusion.

Of course, racial inequality is a major concern in our country, continent, and world. This Series will bring the discussion back to our own backyard, where you’ll hear from a range of local voices in Ottawa’s sports community.

This includes athletes standing up for change, influential coaches, and municipal and sport leaders. We spotlight the link between race and low-income individuals’ difficulties participating in sport, we profile allies and groups working to help youth overcome barriers to access sports opportunities, and local stars who have risen above the challenges to excel in the sports world.

By no means do these articles form a perfect or complete discussion on the subject. To be honest, we didn’t reach several more people we would have liked to include, and we feel like we’ve just started to scratch the surface on the topic.

The good news is the chance to hear these voices won’t stop after this edition. Later on in the Series, we’ll cover other groups who are underrepresented or face barriers to fully participate in sport, and we will certainly continue to tell stories related to race in our future newspapers and online at SportsOttawa.com.

We hope you enjoy these stories, and we welcome your comments and ideas at Editor@SportsOttawa.com and ExecDir@SportsOttawa.com.

You can find links to each of our featured stories below, and read the online edition of the newspaper at: https://issuu.com/ottawasportspage/docs/sportspage-oct20.

—Charlie Pinkerton & Dan Plouffe

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