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Sportspage editorial: A new voice for amateur sport in Ottawa

Dan Plouffe & Larry Ring

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you the first-ever edition of the Ottawa Sportspage!

We hope you are equally as enthusiastic as we are about this new publication devoted to capturing all the best local sports stories from high schools, universities, community clubs, junior leagues, and elite amateur sports.

Our motivation is to fill a gap in local sports coverage that’s existed for far too long in the nation’s capital and to share our passion for sport with a thriving sports community that owns it in spades.

The groups and athletes we feature here aren\’t the ones you usually see making headlines – not because they aren\’t worthy or because they don\’t have great stories to tell, it\’s just that they rarely had a voice available to them.

Our goal is to share these stories with the greater sports community and to provide recognition and exposure to individuals that devote enormous amounts of time and energy to their sports.

To achieve this, we need your help! Please send your news tips and submissions to editor@sportsottawa.com.

Our freshly-launched web site, SportsOttawa.com, is your new source for all the latest news and information on local sports. But there\’s more than just straight news and updates. We’ve got video reports and highlights, blogs on all kinds of different subjects, star athlete-of-the-week features, Facebook photo galleries, links to league standings and headlines from other media outlets, and we’ll continue to offer more as we grow.

The Ottawa Sportspage will be printed the first Tuesday of the month and is available for pickup at sports and rec centres across the city.

The cofounders of Ottawa Sports Media, the parent company of SportsOttawa.com and the Ottawa Sportspage, share their big-time passion for all things sports-related, although their backgrounds are quite different.

Larry Ring was a solid contributor on the field – first as a dual-sport athlete in hockey and football at Bishop\’s University and later as head coach of the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees football team. Larry, Ottawa Sports Media\’s director of business development, is also the current executive director of the Orleans Chamber of Commerce.

Without much athletic talent to speak of, Dan Plouffe\’s contributions to sports were mostly done from the sidelines – first as a bigtime fan of his high school and local sports teams, and later as a reporter for local community newspapers. Dan is the Editor for SportsOttawa.com and the Ottawa Sportspage.

We are both exceptionally excited to see our vision for a local sports publication with a grassroots focus come to life, and we look forward to the opportunity to build something special that the whole sports community can be proud of.

We hope you will join us in supporting local sports, providing dedicated athletes and those around them with their deserved piece of the spotlight, and in pursuing our objective to capture The Heartbeat of the Ottawa Sports Community.

(See the online version of the Ottawa Sportspage newspaper here)

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