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Bytown Storm Bulletin: Bytown Strong Triathlon Team – Age Group Program

Adam Smart

By Bytown Storm Triathlon Club

Within the Bytown Storm Family, our Age Group Program is called the Bytown Strong Triathlon Team.

This program is meant for adult athletes who need to balance pressure from work, family and their own personal goals. In the this program, many of our athletes have varied goals: from their first race to their 50th, short course and long.

In order respect adult athletes’ goals and commitments, we purposefully strive to create an environment that is challenging yet supportive and positive.

The Program

Our program is meant to stay true to each athlete’s goals in challenging and supportive way. We apply a structured and periodized program that mixes low intensity periods and high intensity sessions to build a strong and healthy athlete.

Our ideal athlete is goal-oriented, motivated, dedicated, open mined and easy going.

• Aerobic Base, Technical & Low-Intensity Focus
• 2 Swims
• 1 Indoor Cycle
• 1 Social Run

• High-Intensity, Technical & Race Effort Focus
• 2 Pool Swims
• 1 Track Run

The Coach

Coach Adam Smart has competed and coached for many years in Ottawa and has a reputation for running one of Ottawa’s best age group triathlon programs.

Adam’s knowledge and easy-going personality has provided a platform that has allowed the athletes to produce many personal bests this year.

Adam plans to add to the age group program as the program grows naturally with the intention of bringing more options for athletes in coming years.

Through mentorship and training, Adam has developed a program that utilizes the training concepts and approach used by Provincial and National Team Coaches and integrated into a comprehensive Age Group program in Ottawa.

2017 – 2018 Programming


The STRONG swim program runs from November 2017 to March 2018.  Each session is designed around a specific goal and is personalized to the swimmer’s needs.
Swimming fast means you need to swim well. All Bytown programs are formulated around improving your body position in the water, by reducing drag and increasing propulsion through the water.

Dates: Nov. 2, 2017 to Mar. 31, 2018 (20 weeks)

Tuesday: 6:00 – 7:15am – Nepean Sportsplex

Thursday: 6:00 – 7:15am – Nepean Sportsplex


There are plenty of off-season bike workout programs, so why is our so different?  We GUARANTEE you will be able to see and quantify your progress.  The BYTOWN STRONG winter cycling program has created a unique partnership with The PEAK Centre for Human Performance.  Coach Adam and the experts at PEAK have designed a program that includes:

• beginning and end power profile assessment

• 2 x Lactic and VO2 max assessments performed 
by PEAK Centre (value of $260)

• power files are provided for each session

• Maximum 8 spots available

Dates: Nov. 1, 2017 to Mar. 31, 2018 (20 weeks)

Wednesday:  7:00 – 8:15pm – PEAK Centre Ottawa

* best efforts will be made to get your individual testing sessions scheduled before the first session.


Structured training is important. We know that and we respect that! The flip side is also true: We have all heard the saying “Work Hard, Play Hard”. Join Adam and the crew every Saturday for a quick and leisurely 60-minute out and back starting from the Nepean Sportsplex. Then it’s “Coffee Time”.  This run is open to all, no cost!

Dates: Nov. 4, 2017 to Mar. 31, 2018 (20 weeks)

Saturday: 9:00am – Nepean Sportsplex (at the rear of the building)

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