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Doc Hockey Corner: Explosive training gives jump

–By Dr. Shayne Baylis, Doc Hockey

How much can you bench? How much can you squat? What is your VO2 max?

It is often the answers to these questions that we might associate to overall strength and power. But these are often misconceptions that absolute strength correlates fluently to power and performance on the ice. We now know that these types of exercises actually hinder an athlete’s reaction time and acceleration abilities.

An athlete who trains in quick spurts such as jumping and sprints often have the quickest first steps. And it is the ability of players to accelerate and create a distance from opponents that becomes the most significant attribute in being effective on the ice and in any acceleration-specific sport.

There isn’t too many times in a hockey game where a player reaches top speed for an extended period of time, and thus acceleration becomes the cornerstone skill for speed and performance.

In my past experience with strength training programs, I thought I had done all possible types of hockey training. And yet I was never the fastest skater or the strongest player on my skates, no matter how hard I trained.

However, when I was introduced to Steve Helmicki and Primordial Strength Systems, I found a new intervention that prepared my body to be repetitively explosive, quick and strong at a time I needed it the most – trying out for the Syracuse Crunch in the AHL.

My opportunity for try-outs came when I was finishing up my degree at Chiropractic College, and I was worried about what I was up against, not having been in competitive hockey for a couple of years and practicing against guys who have been continually training all year round.

To my surprise, and due to the Primordial Strength Systems training program, my legs had consistent energy and jump in them. Every time I can remember battling with players on the boards or in direct contact, I was the one knocking them over.

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This provided a confidence I was not used to having and it gave me a presence that emanated throughout my game.

This thrilling and personal experience led me to pursue certification in Primordial Strength Systems and help those willing to work hard in their sport reach their goals to be the best they can be.

When you’re thinking about a training regime, consider how it transfers to the ice and if your preparation will enhance your performance. Remember, it is not the player who can skate around the rink the fastest but the player that wins the 10-foot race that will create separation and space from other players and become the most successful.


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